March Madness!

It's March Madness and I for one love college basketball!  Being a mother of boys always meant that there sporting events to attend, you name it my boys did it. Soccer, baseball, basketball, football, golf, tennis, lacrosse, track.  No dance lessons or cute tutus around my house, just lots bats, balls and helmets.   

It also meant that there always seemed to be a sporting event on TV that someone wanted to watch. I am not much of an athlete, but I did always enjoy the spectator aspect of basketball, maybe because I think I somewhat understood the game. I could even occasionally be found on the outdoor court playing a little b-ball with my boys, although I don't think I ever scored a basket. 

At any rate, one of the things I did love to do is fill out the NCAA brackets. This came about due to necessity.  The boys would all be waiting for the brackets to be announced and then they would frantically print copies for distribution among the family. Many a family breakfast or dinner was spent with heads down discussing the top teams, filling in choices and how much for the family pool. If you can't beat them, join them, and so I would ante up and figure out my teams. I never had much basis for intelligent choices, but dumb luck is sometimes a good thing. 

Now, while I am not advocating gambling, a little family wagering can be a healthy endeavor.  Filling in brackets and discussing the night's games is a great way to communicate. And it is not just a one day or night conversation. These games go on for a weeks!  Our family would talk about the teams, watch some games together and some years even trekked to see some of the teams when games were played in our area. Good family times and memories.  

This seems to be one activity where gender does not matter, as both boys and girls get excited about March Madness.  Now I find myself filling out brackets at the office and discussing the highs and lows of college basketball with my patients.  More good conversations. 

So....get your family together and sit down with your children and have a little family March Madness.  I am rooting for Kansas! May the best team win. 

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