A Funny Exam Room Story

Here is another one of the can't believe what I hear at the office!  I was on call the other night and it was around bedtime when I walked in the exam room to see 2 little girls (actually they are part of a triplet set but their brother was home). Their dad had brought them in because they had rashes and bug bites. Nothing too serious. They are adorable 2 years old and very well behaved.

So, after examining the rashes and bites and determining that they could be dealt with a bit of cortisone cream, the dad and I were discussing a few more things. Of course the girls got bored, and as you know a bored 2 year old typically doesn't sit still, especially when it is time for bed.  So as the girls jumped up and down off the table and picked out more stickers their Dad was getting tired as well. By the way, he is a great father and he and has wife have handled having triplets with such ease.  They were meant to have multiples.

Well, before we could finish up the appointment the girls had gotten into the diaper bag, pulled out snacks and were enjoying themselves.  As much as he was ready to go, they were not ready to pack up and leave and he was having a hard time getting them to listen.  

Here comes the line of the night!  He turns to the girls in a moment of what to do next and says,if you don't behave and listen to me, Dr. Sue is going to make you sick!  LOL!  I have heard a lot of Dr. Sue will give you a shot if you don't behave, but I have never heard this one.  While I don't believe in threatening kids with shots at the doctors, this was a new one.  

After I stopped laughing I told the girls that this was not true, doctors would and could not make them sick, but they did need to listen to their dad!!  

I know that we all say things out of desperation, but please don't use the lines the doctor will give you a shot to try and change a child's behavior. We docs seem to give enough shots when needed and not for bad behavior.  This also includes the doctor will make you sick! there's always a new one. 

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