The Flip Shop

 Getting a night out is almost unheard of for some parents. Finding a babysitter is one challenge. Coming up with enough money is another . Tonight in our family first segment we take you to a place that will have your kids begging you to go out and it won't break the bank. Getting beat up with foam noodles is just part of the job for Brendan Clark. Brendan is a gymnastics instructor at the flip shop in Joplin. And teaching trampoline tumbling is another one of his duties. "A lot of times, they have pool noodle fights, they like to beat me up and chase me around and we set up games and obstacle courses, see who can climb the rope and jump on the trampolines." It's all part of fun Friday's at the flip shop. "It's for 3 hours from 8 - 11. You can bring your kid, drop em off, you can stay and watch em and they have free range, they have fun and i coach em and make sure they don't get hurt." And at only ten dollars a child, the event attracts quite a few kids. Brendan sometimes entertains between 50 and 60 kids on fun Friday's and says he loves every minute of it. "This is the best job in the world, i get to play with kids, jump around and get paid for it." And Tracey Kelly is thankful for people like Brendan. Tracey is a mother and foster mother of 11 children total. She knows what it's like to need a night out. "It's a great opportunity, to get the kids doing something, being active and to give the tired worn out parents an opportunity to have complete sentence conversation, knowing your kids are safe and having a good time and they'll be tired and ready for bed which is the most important thing." But for Brendan it's a chance to be a superhero for the night… "One of the things I like to do is run up the wall and hang up the ceiling, also I can jump on the trampoline and hang on the ceiling. They call me Spider-man often times, so." The flip shop is located at…in addition to fun Fridays and regular gymnastics classes, they also host birthday parties. For more information call.

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