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WWII Veteran Remains Found

Four Joplin Siblings finally have answers to questions about their uncle who went missing in action more than 70 years ago.
JOPLIN, MO--- "We heard a lot about the talk that my dad's brother was missing in action when we grew up. And it was a big deal. Ancestry is a big deal to me and my brothers", says Susan Miller.

More than 70 years have passed since Norman Miller went missing in action during World War II, leaving family member without answers.

"It's kind of an odd feeling to someone is out there. You don't know where. You don't know where. You don't know what happened to them", says Elzy Miller.

"That was just a part of our life that was left open. It was like an open book. No closure. No end of it", says Susan.

Now, there may be closure for Miller's nieces and nephews, who never did get the chance to meet their uncle.

"He was killed in 1942, which was three years before I was born", says Earl Miller.

A call came in a couple of weeks afo that would shed some light on questions unanswered for decades. Government workers told Elzy Miller they believe his remains were found in New Guinea.

"Now when they do find bodies they try to come back to the nearest of kin, and that would be my brothers, sisters, and I."

The next step, DNA test from remaining family members which will determine if, in fact, the remains are those of Norman Miller.

"They're 99.9% sure it's my Uncle Norman."

Miller's immediate family passed away without answers, but his nieces and nephews say they're glad to know something about their uncles remains after all this time.

"We're thankful that this is coming to an end. And that we will finally know, even though our parents and our grandparents don't know, we'll know."

The remains have been taken to Hawaii where they will be until DNA test are confirmed.
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