Working on Christmas

Working on Christmas

While people in the Four States were waking up to open gifts, others were busy working.


Joplin is mostly calm and quiet on Christmas day. But there are still people who have to work on this holiday. Crystal Fisher is one of those holiday workers.

"I think it's important to be open on Christmas for those needs like gas and oil not necessary drinks but you know the gas and oil anything they may need like milk or butter things like that." said Horton's Pizza Plus cashier, Crystal Fisher. 

Christmas fell on a Wednesday and since Fisher is a weekend cashier working today was not mandatory for her.

"I offered to work today  because it's usually the managers that have to do it. And I felt they have to do it every holiday so give them a break and it didn't really bother me," says Fisher. 

This year marks the first time Fisher has ever worked on Christmas. She says if she was not working, she would be with her family.

"I would be at my mom's and we would be getting ready and we would be cooking and stuff for dinner," says Fisher.

But she hasn't lost her Christmas spirit. She says her customers have been nothing but thankful and "a joy."

"Everyone this morning has been very pleasant and said Merry Christmas. A couple have told me they appreciate us being open so they can get gas or get coffee or oil or batteries so it made me feel kinda good," says Fisher. 

Even though she had to work, Crystal says there is still plenty of time to celebrate the holiday after she clocks out.

"When I get off work I'm going to my sister's house and I'm going to help my mom and my sister cook for this evening and then this evening we are going to open gifts," says Fisher.

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