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Wesley House Food Pantry Expansion Project

Over the past few months, the Wesley House has added more than 1,500 square feet of food storage.
PITTSBURG, KS.--- The Wesley House Food Pantry helped hundreds of families over the holidays. In 2014, they're looking to help even more. Over the past few months, the Wesley House has added more than 1,500 square feet of food storage. This project is improving the efficiency of the food pantry and helping the Wesley House become better at providing food to the community. A $120,000 Wesley House expansion project does not only include more space, but a new walk-in freezer and refrigerator. Staff have already begun the task of filling the room with food.

"We have kind of been limited in what we could order from them because we did not have very adequate cold storage space. So this will give us much more ability to store the food and get more food at a greatly reduced price," said Ellie Foster, Executive Director. 

Executive Director Ellie Foster says she's been dreaming for more space to store food, like meat products, for nearly seven years. She says it's disheartening to turn food donations away due to lack of storage.

"Oh, it almost makes me cry because I think of how many people and how many families would be helped by that," said Foster. 

Foster says funding for the expansion project was provided by private donations and grant money. Now she's hoping they will never have to turn away another donation.

"A business here in town had their freezers go out. And they would've donated all the frozen food to us if we would have had a place to put it, and we didn't have the capacity at that time. Now we can handle it," said Foster. 

The pantry has an adequate amount of food left over from the holidays, however, that will all change in a couple months. The staff at the Wesley House would like to remind everyone the importance of giving year round and not just during the holidays.

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