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Webb City King Jack's Park Visionary Meeting

Four Drury University architectural students presented visionary ideas for King Jack Park.
WEBB CITY, MO.--- Webb City's Park and Recreation Department held a visionary meeting tonight for King Jack Park. King Jack's Park has a large mine hole, called Sucker Flat, that is currently being filled in. Once completed by the Environmental Protection Agency, it will create 23 acres of land in the front of the park. Tonight, four Drury University architectural students presented visionary ideas for the new land. The Park's Department hopes these ideas presented by the students, as well as the community attendees, will help consolidate a plan.

"We're hoping that somewhere in this 23 acres, that we can reignite festivals for our community and the neighboring communities," said Tom Reeder, Director of Parks and Recreation Department. 

"We really want to talk about a comprehensive vision coming together and really try to see what are we talking about. What does that mean to the community, what do we think is best for them, and what they feel is best for them," said Eric Baldwin, Student Presenter.  

There will be two more meetings before the end of the year to finalize plans at King Jack Park. 

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