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Utility Companies Prepare for the Cold

With the bitter cold temperatures passing through our area, utility companies can come across some issues.
JOPLIN, MO--- Workers at Empire District Electric Company say there were over 1800 homes without power Monday morning.

Julie Maus with Empire District Electric says, "We have had some other smaller scattered outages throughout the day and mostly things that crews have been able to deal with in about an hour so".

Maus says to make sure you have an emergency plan in place when your electricity does go out, especially when you have a family member dependent on electricity for medical needs.

"So that if a power outage is expected to become lengthily you can put that plan into place and have a place to take them."

Also, make sure your electric company knows your service is off.

"Anytime you have a power outage, first thing that customers need to do is they need to make sure to call us and make a report so that we know that their power is out and we can dispatch crews quickly."

And electricity isn't the only utility that can be impacted. Carl Junction's City Administrator says the city hasn't seen any issues at the city water plant but are well stocked with cold weather road supplies.

"We spend a little bit more money out of the street budget you know because we have to put salt and sand on the streets", says Carl Junction City Administrator, Steve Lawver.

Whether it's cold temperatures, ice or snow, water and electric companies in the four states say they make sure to be prepared.

"Our crews continue to respond to outages and they will continue to respond to outages and be out there to restore customers as quickly as they possibly can," says Maus.
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