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Update Planned Parenthood Arson Attempt

Joplin Police officers are searching for arsonists after two attempts to burn down the Planned Parenthood building last week.
JOPLIN, MO--- Friday Oct.4, around 11pm, emergency crews were called to the structure at 710 South Illinois for a report of a fire. An officer arrived shortly and was able to extinguish the flames. There were no injuries and the building sustained minor damage. Surveillance video shows the suspect placing a bag on the roof of the building and lighting it on fire.

A similar incident happened earlier in the week, around midnight on Oct. 2nd. In both attempts, the suspect wore similar clothing but investigators are unable to determine at this time whether it is the same arsonist.

Joplin officers are working with the FBI, ATF, and the Missouri State Fire Marshall's Office. If you have any information on the arson attempts, you're asked to call the police department at 417-623-3131.

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