Update: Cherokee County Audit Report

Update: Cherokee County Audit Report

An audit report from last month showed Cherokee County leaders that some changes need to occur fast.
COLUMBUS, KS.--- Cherokee County is working to get its finances in order. An audit report from last month showed the leaders of Cherokee County that some changes need to occur fast.

"In our last audit that we had done, one of the things that keeps popping up every year is reconciliation of the accounts haven't been done," said Richard Hildebrand, County Commissioner.

The reports showed a extra $167,000 in the county's bank accounts. So where did that money come from? It was a deposit made from the State of Kansas to the county for use on a special city highway fund. 

"We found two transactions that were in the bank statements, but they failed to get in the computer books," said Hilderbrand. 

The main issue was the money in the bank reflected a different number from what the treasurer's office records showed. County commissioners are working to help the treasurer's office fix the problem.

"Unfortunately, the commission is going to have to pass resolutions requesting that another elected official make sure that they do that in their position," said Hilderbrand. 

The audit also recommended a number of simple fixes that should help to avoid future problems.

"Deposits not being deposited in a timely manner. Cash deposits not matching the deposit slips, just lots of stuff like that," said Hilderbrand. 

The board will meet this upcoming Monday to pass resolutions that will outline and clarify what accounting procedures should be taken by the treasurer's office. County leaders say there are no suspicions of criminal activity. It appears it's just poor record-keeping. The treasurer's office welcomes any citizen that would like to review the audit.
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