Time to Get Flu Shot is Now

Time to Get Flu Shot is Now

Flu season isn't quite here... yet. And that means now is the time to get vaccinated

Flu season isn't quite here... yet.  And that means now is the time to get vaccinated.

"The flu primarily spreads when someone infected with the virus coughs, sneezes or speaks while they're around other people that are not infected. Less commonly it can be spread from objects that a person who is infected may have handled or used like a telephone receiver or something along those lines." But Quick Meds Pharmacist Rollin Trewyn said you can protect yourself - thoroughly washing your hands on a regular basis, avoiding unnecessary contact between your hands and face. And, get the shot. "Time and time again, the CDC has recommended that the flu shot is the best way to prevent the spread of the flu."

Trewyn added it's not too early to get innoculated. "Flu season can start as early as October. That can vary from year to year but it takes about two weeks for the vaccination to really kick in and start providing protection for the person who's received the shot. So the earliest you can get it is going to be the best."

And if you do get the flu, there are drugs that can help. "Anti-viral drugs... they do not cure the flu. But they will lessen the severity and shorten the duration someone experiences symptoms from the illness."

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