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The Importance of Breakfast

<p>It's often called the most important meal of the day... but a recent poll shows one out of ten of us skips breakfast on a regular basis.</p>

JOPLIN, MO-- "Breakfast is important because it recharges your body after a long night of sleep or fasting. It basically revs up the metabolism after you've slept all night. So people who skip breakfast are essentially fasting for 10 - 15 hours." And Freeman Dialysis Clinical Dietitian Kristen Woodruff that can have an impact on your blood sugar levels and can increase hunger pangs throughout the day. She says studies show those who do eat breakfast tend to have less body fat.

"When studied, they eat about 100 less calories a day. It doesn't sound like very much but throughout the course of a year, that sure helps with weight loss." Woodruff emphasizes that a healthy breakfast can help keep your diet on track, choosing a menu with plenty of vegetables, fruit and fiber, choices that don't have to be time consuming. "You can make a quick breakfast with cold cereal, choose high fiber and low or no fat milk. Throw some sliced bananas or strawberries on there for some extra fruit."

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