The Decision To Kill An Intruder

The Decision To Kill An Intruder

<img align="left" width="280" src="/images/Multi_Media/fourstateshomepage/nxd_media/img/jpg/2010_02/561b96f9-4cba-4714-6d14-071f6a90fa5f/raw.jpg" alt=" " height="250" style="width: 280px; height: 250px" />The Miami Police Department releases the report on a home invasion that lead to the death of one of the suspects, while the homeowner tells us what happened, first hand.
"They gave me a pretty brutal beating all the way to the kitchen," says burglary victim, Chris Piatt.

He spoke today about the break-in at his Miami, Oklahoma home, while he and his fiancé were inside.

"If they just wanted to take my property, I would have let them, they didn't have to do what they did," says Piatt.

Piatt says he stabbed 22-year-old Samuel Ellison, who died of his injury.

He also stabbed 23-year-old Jake Payton, but his injury was minor.

"He's totally justified in defending himself in such a manner in his house and he's not going to be held accountable in any way," says Ottawa County District Attorney, Eddie Wyant.

Payton and the remaining suspects, 21-year-old Jessica Logan and 18-year-old Jarod Logan, were arrested not long after the incident.

"You have a case like this and it's pretty well wrapped up and people are incarcerated in about 20 hours, yeah, that's a pretty good case," says Miami Police Chief, Gary Anderson.

They're not charged with burglary, but instead, 1st degree murder because according to Oklahoma law, if you commit a serious crime, like burglary, and someone is killed in the process, you can be charged with murder.

"When you have the homeowner doing the killing and everyone else is going to go to prison for the murder, it's a little unique," says Wyant.

"In a life or death situation it's either him or me and I was in the right and he was in the wrong," says Piatt.

There are more developments that continue to unfold in this case.

Police are saying that following the break-in and fatal stabbing of Samuel Ellison, Raymond Herd who's related to Ellison, pulled up to Piatt's home with a loaded shotgun and began banging on the front door, threatening to kill him.

Neighbors called the police, while Piatt was able to get out of his home.

Police showed up just as Herd began to drive off.
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