Testing Technology Creations

Testing Technology Creations

Hundreds of middle school and high school students could be found on a local college campus today, putting their hard work in the classroom to the test.
Miami, Oklahoma - 250 students descended on Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College today to test their technological creations, and show off knowledge gained in the classroom.

Students in Oklahoma took a break from class today to show just what their capable of.

"I've got students racing cars, the CO2 powered dragsters. I've got students flying gliders, I've got students doing the speeches in leadership events, almost all the events that are here, I've got either some middle school or high school kids entered in," says Clint Kissee, the TSA adviser for the Commerce, Oklahoma school district.

This is the NEO Technology Festival where students belonging to the Technology Student Association, test out their creations, some of which took months to construct.

"We work on them every day in class and we actually have a track set up in our class room and we race them, every day," says Coweta, Oklahoma student, Zane Applegate.

"You build it and then you get to see the results from it and yeah, it's pretty fun," says Commerce, Oklahoma student, Kasey Ng.

The festival is not limited to CO2 cars, gliders and bridges.

There's also public speaking events, display events and parliamentary procedure contests.

"The main purpose of the TSA program is to help develop the students leadership skills and to introduce them to some of the technology that's becoming available at an even faster rate throughout the year," says Kissee.

Students say each project is a learning experience and any mistakes made this year, will strengthen their changes of winning next year.

"Well, it teaches you a lot of stuff about aerodynamics and stuff like that when you're building the cars," says Coweta, Oklahoma student, Eli Sturgeon.

"It's a pretty cool event, it takes a lot of patients but it pays off sometimes," says Kasey Ng.

"It's just a chance for the students to get on campus and expand their horizons a little bit to develop their competitive events that they're going to take to the state competitions and lead other kids and get ideas from kids all over the state," says Kissee.

Organizers say the primary purpose of the NEO Technology Festival is to introduce these students to more high-tech careers that are currently in demand.
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