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Teens From Across the Country Help Rebuild Joplin

<p>More than 1,000 teens will spend part of their summer rebuilding 20 homes in Joplin.</p>

JOPLIN - Over 1,000 teens from across the country will spend part of their summer rebuilding Joplin. It's part of a youth ministry camp led by TEAMeffort.

14-year-old Jack Medows is on summer vacation, but he's not spending his break relaxing.

"[It's] hard work," Medows says about rebuilding. "It's pretty hot in there, but it's coming along."

Monday marked the start of the 9-week rebuilding. Groups of teens will come in every week to help rebuild homes damaged by the tornado.

TEAMeffort has helped rebuild parts of New Orleans. The group says a large number of teens showed an intense interest in helping Joplin.

"Just seeing the overwhelming need that there was here in Joplin kinda drew us to see what we could do to help," Camp Director Jeremy Twachtman says.

Kacey Doyle is another teen who came from out of town to help. For Doyle, the work shows others how today's youth can make a difference.

"You always say kids can't do much," Doyle says. "Being here or being able to do this is saying we can do it. We can make a difference no matter how old we are."

TEAMeffort's goal is to rebuild 20 homes in Joplin.

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