Taxi Companies Prepare for a Busy New Years

Taxi Companies Prepare for a Busy New Years

AAA Taxi Service expects to receive more than 600 calls requesting a cab on New Years.
JOPLIN,MO-- Taxi companies are gearing up for their busiest day of the year- January 1st.

AAA Taxi in Joplin will be doubling it's staff to make sure you arrive home safely after welcoming the new year out on the town.

Instead of one dispatcher the company will have three working that night.

And 15 cabs will be in service instead of the usual eight.

On a regular and busy Friday night, AAA receives about 240 calls and each New Years day they get about triple that amount.

Dispatchers ask callers to call ahead of time and be patient.

"Sometimes people think we're going to be there in five minutes but it's going to take 45 minutes to an hour but we will get everybody picked up and make sure they get home as safely as possible," says AAA Taxi Assistant Manager Toni Logan.

Taxi drivers will be accepting vouchers given out by Joplin bars as part of the alert cab program.

AAA Taxi workers remind riders if they redeem a coupon the ride is free within the Joplin city limits and can only be used to take you home that night.

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