Students Celebrate "Diwali, the Festival of Lights"

Students Celebrate "Diwali, the Festival of Lights"

Hundreds of people celebrate an Indian tradition in America's Heartland.

PITTSBURG --- Pittsburg State University's Indian Student Association hosted an event called "Diwali, the Festival of Lights" this evening. The Crimson and Gold Ballroom on campus was filled with both international and domestic students, who came together to for the indian holiday.

It's a festival celebrated between mid-October and mid-November in India and several other Middle Eastern countries. The holiday is characterized by symbols, like lighting lamps filled with oil - to signify good over evil - and fire works to drive evil spirits away.

"It actually means to just spread love and happiness. And it's like one of the biggest events in India, and its a major festival for Hindu culture," says Feni Amin, PSU Indian Student Association.

"Sharing another culture with someone else, it makes you more happy, because the person wants to know more about your culture too, and you would want to know their cultures too," says Abhishek Alori, PSU Indian Association Former President.

Organizers say this event has been held at PSU for more than 25 years. Those who attended enjoyed a traditional Indian meal, cultural performances and a fireworks display.

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