Southeast Kansas Teachers Attended Greenbush Technology Conference

Southeast Kansas Teachers Attended Greenbush Technology Conference

Over 100 Southeast Kansas teachers learn the best ways to keep their students engaged in the classroom.
GIRARD, KS.--- 176 Southeast Kansas teachers attended a tech conference at Greenbush today.

"All of the sessions I have gone to today have been helpful. Because each one of them, I can take parts of them and use them in my classroom," said Mary Durand Humboldt, Math Teacher. 

The new technology includes 3D games, app design and creation, and learning through the use of a virtual world.

"One of the things that I really appreciate learning was how many apps and websites are out there and are free that we can use for students," said Rhonda Willis, Pittsburg Math Teacher. 

Educators say it's important for teachers to focus on what they want to teach children first, and then find a way to use a specific form of technology to help achieve that goal.

"If you focus on the technology first, you've made a really expensive worksheet. If you want to experience wonderful things with children, go that direction first and figure out what tools make that happen," said Dyane Smokorowski, 2013 Kansas Teacher of the Year. 

Teachers also learned how they can utilize social networking to build communication amongst themselves and strengthen the bridge between parents, teachers, and students. The conference will continue tomorrow, and most importantly, conference presenters want teachers to know how important the use of technology is in the 21st century.

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