Southeast Kansas Caravan Travels to Texas

Southeast Kansas Caravan Travels to Texas

A caravan full of 100 southeast Kansans left for Texas to make a difference.
BAXTER SPRINGS, KS---A caravan full of 100 southeast Kansans left for Texas to make a difference. They'll be lending a helping hand to Beautiful Feet Ministries in Fort Worth, which is a homeless facility designed to assist the less fortunate.

"If there's a lady that I can one-on-one talk to, or a man, or young person, and maybe make a difference. And just pray with them and help them to know that they're not alone. You know people do care for them, especially through the beautiful feet ministries," says June Newman from Chetopa First Baptist Church.

At the crack of dawn, they loaded up their trucks, trailers, and buses with a number of items to donate including: 1,000 hand-knitted hats, tools for handiwork, toiletry items, and a number of bags filled with donated clothing.

"They'll do any construction work, painting, putting in fences, whatever their needs are. Whatever needs to be done.

There's a group that helps with, we bring a lot of clothing down. They help sort the clothing to be able to be passed out into the homeless through their ministry," says Jeff Street of First Baptist Church in Baxter Springs.

A team of volunteers will travel out into the community to minister to homeless people on the streets. Elijah Touchton is the founder of the mission-trip. He says it's important to look outside your life and help someone else.

"We've had a lot of different individuals had an opportunity to go and be involved. And you know the thing is rewarding to go back the next year and seeing what you have done the previous year and build on that each year."

The volunteers are from places like Pittsburg, Chetopa, Altamont, and Baxter Springs. All of the churches involved are a part of the Southeast Kansas Baptist Association. This trip marks the 22nd year the caravan has traveled to Ft. Worth.
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