South Middle School Traffic Delays

South Middle School Traffic Delays

The lack of access from 50th Street and south Main is causing problems for a lot of drivers.
JOPLIN, MO.--- "It's kind of a big bother when it wants to be," said Traci Guhr, Joplin Resident. 

Joplin Resident Traci Guhr lives in the neighborhood across from South Middle School. She says she's not looking forward to school starting with 50th Street being closed near south Main.

"Because it's more cluster, and we'll probably have more traffic on this road too," said Guhr. 

Principal Stephen Gilbreth says the street was expected to open back up before school started, but due to the recent rains it will be closed until mid September.

"There's really only two ways in to the Connecticut side," said Steve Gilbreth, South Middle School Principal. 

44th and Range Line or 32nd and Connecticut are the only ways to get to the school or to the neighborhoods across from the school. No matter which way you enter the neighborhood, you have to pass the intersection of 44th and Connecticut. 

"We're expecting a high amount of traffic to come and go," said Gilbreth. 

He says 677 students are scheduled to attend the school starting this fall, so parents should allow extra time to get to school since routes are limited.

"We'd advise parents to come early, and then obviously, if you can come early in the daytime that's perfect. And we're staying here until 5:30 to accommodate those who get off around 5," said Gilbreth. 

He adds they will put out more information late Friday afternoon to help parents form a game plan.

"All of kind of the logistics of how those first few days will work, and also about the best way to get to South Middle School," said Gilbreth. 

Joplin schools start classes next Thursday, August 15th. 

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