Shutdown Affects Small Businesses

Shutdown Affects Small Businesses

Researchers say the economy will feel the after effects of the shutdown.
JOPLIN, MO -- The government may be up and running, but researchers say the economy will feel the after-effects of the shutdown.

An analysis from "Standard and Poor's" says the shutdown took 24-billion dollars from the U.S. economy. Experts say small businesses will be affected by government contracts and business loans that were stalled during the shutdown.

Furloughed government workers will be paid back for their lost wages, but businesses located near national parks took a big hit. That includes those surrounding the George Washington Carver National Monument.

"Some of the national monuments, things like the arch being closed, those affected not just those workers but the entire economy, all the little restaurants and you know people that make a living being associated near those types of things," Missouri State Representative Bill White said.

Experts say the shutdown decreased consumer confidence, meaning it could be a slow holiday season for many businesses throughout the four states.
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