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Salvation Army Thanksgiving Meal

The Salvation Army in Joplin serves hundreds of people this Thanksgiving.
JOPLIN, MO---Lieutenant Jamie Curry expects to serve 700 people their annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner.
"We have people that live, even out in our alley that need to be fed.  They need something to eat and why can't they have a home-cooked, family-type dinner on Thanksgiving Day to celebrate the holidays.  That's all we want to make sure they get an opportunity to do," Curry says.
More than 200 volunteers have been helping prepare the large feast today, which includes 70 smoked turkeys.
"With food stamps being cut and with some of the cutbacks from the government and it sort of has trickled down to the people that we serve every day.  And so we've seen an increase and we've had to increase our numbers for today's meal," Curry says.
For Kevin Jefcoat and his family, this is their fourth year volunteering with the Salvation Army on Thanksgiving.  They spent the day helping to deliver more than 200 hot meals to people at their homes.
"We look forward to it every year.  We have family that comes in from out of town and my nephews like to get with my son.  So we just make it a family event.  And come out to help people that can't get out," he says.
Kevin says he hopes this tradition of giving back to the community will be something his children continue to value for the rest of their lives.
"I just want my kids to grow up knowing how important it is to give back and also hope that they'll carry on the tradition and that they'll be able to do it with their kids one day," he says.
"It feels good to help people whenever they're not as fortunate as us.  If somebody isn't as fortunate, they can't go and buy food like we can, so it's good to help them out," says volunteers Kaleb and Connor.
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