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Riverton High School Marching Band Returns Home

Students spent the last few days in San Diego showing off their skills in this year's Holiday Bowl.
RIVERTON, KS.--- The Riverton High School Marching Band returns home from a trip to remember. Students spent the last few days in San Diego showing off their skills in this year's Holiday Bowl. Proud parents lined the street alongside Riverton High School to welcome home their little rams. The RHS Band is happy to be back in Kansas, but would not have traded their trip to San Diego for the world.

"It was an amazing experience, I mean this was a once in a lifetime deal," said Shayla Seidletz, Band Member. 

The kids hopped on a bus last week and traveled 30 hours to sunny California, joining other bands from across the country.

"It was really a life changing experience because being from such a small school, you don't really know how many people do what you do," said Petra Grieshaber, Band Member. 

A once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Pacific Coast, Sea World and show off their small town pride. Monday, they performed at the Big Balloon Parade and then again at the Holiday Bowl's half-time show.

"Being in front of more than 70,000 people and being able to play with everyone was just amazing," said Seidletz. 

The band even received the "Spirit" award during their trip for overcoming adversity. The morning after the band arrived in San Diego, their bus was burglarized and two saxophones stolen. But the show went on, a local high school stepped in and loaned Riverton two of their own saxes. 

"Our kids that had lost their instruments didn't miss out on a single note," said Randy Beyer, Band Director. 

Parents were thankful for the California school's generosity and the Riverton community, which helped make the trip possible.

"We had so many people just come up and give donations. They supported the kids 110 percent," said Angie Grieshaber, Parent. 

Band Director Randy Beyer says right now it looks like the hotel's insurance will replace the stolen instruments. 

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