Retailers Prepare for the Holiday Shopping Season

Retailers Prepare for the Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday season runs between Thanksgiving and Christmas and it's six days shorter this year.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Local retailers have already begun gearing up for the holiday season. Christmas is here, or so it seems at Hobby Lobby.

"It has been very busy. It has picked up in the last week," said Pat Ford, Assistant Manager, Hobby Lobby. 

The store started putting out holiday decorations in late May, but as soon as summer ended, they moved on to focusing on Christmas.

"We're moving out something new every day. If not new merchandise, merchandise that has already sold out and we're trying to restock it," said Ford. 

The store manager at the Home Depot says they've had their decorations and gift center up for a couple weeks.

"We've had some pretty good traffic come in here and look at our decorations," said Ty Levens, Store Manager, Home Depot. 

In light of a shorter holiday shopping season, retired economics/finance professor, Dr. Richard La Near, says we could expect to see more aggressive promotions from retailers. He says stores could offer more discounts in an effort to make more money in a shorter period of time. The question is, how will customers respond?

"I think its hard to gauge whether people are going to get out because its a shorter season, but it could be a possibility that we see some sales right after the get go, after Black Friday," said Dr. Richard La Near, Retired Economics/Finance Professor. 

Levens says, typically, people coming in for holiday items after Halloween.

"Really, the Black Friday is Thanksgiving, right after, when people really start doing their decorations and getting them to come in and do them for their house," said Levens. 

Last year, the holiday shopping season was 32 days, this year it's 26 days.
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