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Replacement Bridge in Powell Opening Soon

It's time for the old Powell bridge to retire, the new replacement bridge has been in the works for seven years and will finally be opening soon.
POWELL, MO.--- McDonald County will soon have two bridges in Powell.

"Everyone is super super excited about this bridge. They have been waiting for it for a long time," said Beverly Prentice, Powell Resident. 

That's because it's time for the old Powell bridge to retire. The new replacement bridge has been in the works for seven years and will finally be opening soon.

"So much different. It's going to be a concrete bridge going to span, we had to built it up, but it's going to span and straighten the corner out a little bit and it's going to be just a modern technology bridge," said Keith Lindquist, McDonald County Presiding Commissioner. 

While Powell residents say they are excited about the new bridge, the old bridge will always have a special place in their hearts. 

"When you walk across it, it creaks and it rings, and it's always been that way. We always call it the song of the bridge. So it's very very special to a lot of people and we didn't want to see it go," said Prentice.

"The historical society wanted to save the old bridge and wanted to make it one of the very few in the state," said Lindquist. 

The old bridge isn't going anywhere. It will still stay open for foot traffic. However, right now it's an inconvenience for residents when it comes to their vehicles.  

"The ones who live right across it, has to go around. So, it's been inconvenient but they're looking forward to the new one. So they really haven't called us and complained that much," said Lindquist. 

Connivence isn't the only thing. Powell residents are excited they didn't have to raise local taxes to build it. 

"It's not costing tax payers any money, it's going to be a totally funded bridge," said Prentice. 

The new bridge is set to be opened in the next few weeks. 
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