Redings Mill Firefighters Teach Fire Safety to Local Kindergarteners

Redings Mill Firefighters Teach Fire Safety to Local Kindergarteners

According to the National Fire Protection Association, younger children are more likely to set fires inside a home while older children set more fires outside.
REDINGS MILL, MO.--- "Showing them, I think, makes all the difference in the world," said Jimmy Burgess, Redings Mill Engineer. 

Jimmy Burgess is a firefighter at the Redings Mill Fire Protection District. He says hands on experience allows kids to retain more information about fire safety.  

"It's better if they know ahead of time where they need to go, because the easiest way to help save people is to have them aware so they know what's going on," said Burgess. 

Firefighters also want kids to be comfortable with them when they're in gear. Burgess says the uniform - for some kids - can be just as scary. 

"Once we get into it and show them what it looks like, then they know once we're on scene they don't have to be afraid of us when we're coming in there to help them, and that's why we're actually there," said Burgess. 

Annette Taylor is the Saint Mary's Catholic School kindergarten teacher. She says young kids know that fire burns, but they can't comprehend the damage it can cause. 

"They've seen birthday candles and they seen things, but to see that it could cause injury to them and how it could get, I think that's something they have to visually see," said Annete Taylor, St. Mary's Kindergarten Teacher. 

Which is where "Burny" comes into play. An old bread truck that's been transformed into a child's bedroom. The visual effects give kids a better perspective of what their bedroom could like after a house fire. 

"Everything that we have in there is actually stuff that actually came from a fire, different fires, so they know 'hey this is what it looks like. This is why you don't play with fire, this is why you don't play with matches," said Burgess. 

The National Fire Protection Association also reports that 40% of child playing home fires began in the bedroom.

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