Prairie Mountains Outlet Store

Prairie Mountains Outlet Store

A vacant grocery store in Lockwood is now booming with new customers.
LOCKWOOD, MO.--- A vacant grocery store in Lockwood is now booming with new customers. It's actually an outlet store now, and when you walk in, you feel like you're in the mountains. The owners first wholesale store was in Colorado, so they wanted to bring that to the community as well as good quality clothing at a very low price.  

"We have returns, we have samples, we have garments that we don't use anymore," said Rennee Galer, Prairie Mountains Outlet Store Owner. 

Rennee Galer is the owner of Prairie Mountains Outlet Store. The new store is used to sell extra items from the family's wholesale business. 

"We also do a lot of business in Alaska and we also do business with all the national parks, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon, Acadia in Amin, Kennedy Space Center. We do business around all of the United States," said Galer. 

Before the store opened, the extra products were donated to organizations to sell but the overwhelming amount of items inspired them to start selling the products themselves.

"We wanted people to realize that you can make a store look really nice in Lockwood, Missouri. Even though we're not the big city, you can make a store look really nice and people will come shop it," said Galer. 
She says the historical building was vacant and her husband thought it would be a good opportunity for them and their community. 

"Its always encouraging to see new business come in and so many work so hard to do something like this," said Penny White, Lockwood Chamber of Commerce Member. 

Lockwood Chamber of Commerce Member Penny White says it's a refreshing idea. She adds it also a unique way to bring some traffic through their small town. 

"It is helpful to the community and they see what we have to offer in our community," said White. 

The store is a 1920's building that was vacant for many years before the Galers restored it. The building has been a grocery store, a small engine repair shop, and a restaurant.

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