Pittsburg State's Diverse Family Day

Pittsburg State's Diverse Family Day

A University in the Four States makes culture an important part of their annual "Family Day."

PITTSBURG -- Pitt State's Office of Student Diversity hosted an event called "Dia de la Familia" this afternoon. It was held in the Crimson and Gold Ballroom in the Student Center. Families of PSU students showed up to make burritos, play games, and take pictures in a photo booth. Coordinators say diversity is an important part of the University, and they wanted to give families a chance to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month on campus.

"Be curious and learn more about people and the cultures and the customs and things like that. And so I think that by partnering together, we're not only encouraging our students but also their families, and we're also sending the message that this is something important to us and we want to celebrate everyone's differences and we want to really have a fun time doing that," says Megan Smejdir, PSU Campus Activities Coordinator.

Organizers say they're happy with the turn-out, and they plan to host the event again next year.

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