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Pittsburg School District Enrollment Numbers Increase

The current enrollment for this school year is now over 2,800 students.
PITTSBURG, KS.--- The numbers are in and enrollment is up for Pittsburg public schools. The current enrollment for this school year is now over 2,800 students. The two classes that have experienced the largest growth are kindergarten and high school freshmen. Although the increase isn't huge, it has caused a need for some administrative readjustments.

"At the high school, we had to add another math teacher and we added a social studies teacher. We'll probably be looking at a science teacher this year," said Destry  Brown, Pittsburg School Superintendent. 

It also meant some changes for parents, who were asked to have their children attend a school outside of their neighborhood. School Superintendent Destry Brown says he's not burdened by the new adjustments.

"It's a good problem to have, because many districts in Kansas are losing enrollment. But Pittsburg, we're growing," said Brown. 

The increase in students has been steady for the past few years. The superintendent and school board are beginning to search for ways to effectively handle large growth in the future. Despite the increase, the class sizes are still below 25 students. The superintendent said that the growth is attributed to the roughly 200 new families that have moved into Pittsburg recently.

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