Pittsburg High School Knee Replacement Surgery Podcast

Pittsburg High School Knee Replacement Surgery Podcast

A local high school science class gets up close and personal with open knee surgery.
PITTSBURG, KS.--- Pittsburg High School students watched a live podcast of open knee surgery taking place over 700 miles away. Not only did they see every detail of the surgery, they also got to talk to the surgeons directly. The students were hooked to a live feed as the orthopedic surgeon in Columbus, Ohio guided them through the step-by-step process of knee replacement surgery.

"Well, at first I thought it was going to be a little bit more gory, but they didn't really show that part. And then I really got into it and I was just starting to get excited," said Mack Odell, Pittsburg High School Student. 

Health Science Teacher James Foresman says one of his goals is to expose students to as many aspects of health care as possible. "Whether it's surgery, whether it's nursing, or CMA, CNA, EMT, just something kind of sparked their interest and see that there's real people behind the mask in the surgery room."

The students also learned about the equipment and how to create a sterile operating environment. Kelsuy Fuchs saw first hand what it takes to be a surgeon. "I thought it was interesting because I want to be a surgeon. So, it kind of helped to know what it was like."

According to Foresman, this is a really unique opportunity for his students because health care laws have limited this type of exposure to younger students. He's hoping this surgery will directly influence the future careers of his science class. 

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