Pittsburg Farmer's Market Ground Breaking Ceremony

Pittsburg Farmer's Market Ground Breaking Ceremony

Members of the farmer's market have been planning an expansion for the past three years.
PITTSBURG, KS.--- The Pittsburg Farmer's Market is expanding. Members of the farmers' market have been planning this expansion for the past three years. At the current downtown location at 2nd and Broadway, the community has to sell and shop outside, leaving them vulnerable to the unpredictable weather of the Four States. Today, the farmer's market broke ground for a $234,000 permanent structure.

"We are finally going to have a facility that is protected from the weather, from the heat, the rain.  It's going to be wonderful. As a vendor, I can't say enough nice things about it," said Ed Cook, President of Pittsburg Farmer's Market. 

The USDA Rural Development is assisting by providing almost $200,000 in loans and grants, and customers will benefit.

"They can shop all the vendors inside, out of the weather. It's going to be wonderful for the customers," said Cook. 

Vendors have a lot to look forward to as well.

"Next year, the building will be up, we will have several vendors who will probably plan to grow and try to keep this market going all winter long," said Cook. 

City leaders say the project will stimulate the economy by supporting local farmers and providing area citizens with more access to locally grown food.

"A lot of people can participate in it. It's just all about natural food. It's just great. As a city guy, it's a good thing to be able to talk about. Having a quality farmer's market in town is huge," said Stu Hite, Sheriff's Office. 

The new location will be at the intersection of 12th and Broadway. Construction is expected to be completed by April of 2014.

"We finally got all the pieces put together. And today marks the start of a new beginning for the market," said Cook. 

The farmer's market plans to except ideas from the community proposing other ways to use the facility. 
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