PHS Homecoming King Candidate

PHS Homecoming King Candidate

A Pittsburg High student who already puts a smile on many people's faces now has a chance to see his dream come true.
PITTSBURG, KS.--- Many students have known Bryce Commons since kindergarten. Now, 12 years later, they're happy to see him as one of the finalists in the run for Pittsburg High School Homecoming King.

"I think I cried for an hour when they called me to tell me he was in the top four," said Mandy Commons, Bryce's Mother.

The 17 year old senior is autistic. 

"I think that it really shows through him being nominated that he really touches a lot of people's lives and he affects the school in a really positive way," said Katie Phalen, Bryce's Homecoming Escort. 

Bryce hasn't let any obstacle get in the way of a full high school experience. His cheerfulness is infectious, that's why it's no wonder. He's the guy in the purple dragon suit cheering on PHS at sports games. He's been the schools mascot for four years.

"When I'm the mascot, I cheer to people and we do the boogie dance and flapping the wings and stand up, and say 'I can't hear you," said Bryce Commons, Homecoming King Candidate. 

This honor does have Bryce worried, worried he's disappointing his fans with the purple dragon being nowhere in sight during the crowning ceremony.

"I assured him we'll get him dressed in magic time, in his terms," said Mandy Commons.

Bryce is ready to hear the crowd cheer for him. 

"I'm just so proud and honored just to see USD 250 and these young adults treat him as one of their own. Warms my heart," said Mandy Commons. 

The homecoming king and queen will be announced at the Pittsburg Vs Coffeyville game tomorrow night in Pittsburg.
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