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Parsons Investigation Ruled as a Homicide

The deceased are identified as Cami Umbarger, 29, and her three children ages 8, 5, and 4.
David Cornell Bennett Jr.
David Cornell Bennett Jr.
PARSONS, KS.--- A missing family has been found dead in Parsons. The Kansas attorney general says the missing woman and her three children were killed. The woman has been identified as Cami Umbarger, 29. Her three children were ages 8, 5, and 4. Their house at 415 N. 25th Street, is where nearby neighbors say the Kansas Bureau of Investigations has been knocking on doors to try and find out more information. 

"It's a sin to kill, but then you're going to kill three babies? You're going to kill babies? That's ridiculous," said Waynetta Reece, Neighbor. 

Authorities are seeking a suspect by the name of David Cornell Benett Junior of Cherryvale, Kansas. He's a black male 5'5" 145 lbs. He was last seen around 1 p.m. in Independence, Kansas wearing a black jacket and a purple hoodie. 

No charges have been filed. Residents should be on the lookout but not approach the suspect. He is armed and dangerous. If you have any other information about the whereabouts of the suspect, please contact your local police department. 

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