Parsons Farm Heritage Celebration

Parsons Farm Heritage Celebration

The 6th Annual Farm Heritage Celebration is underway at Tolen Creek Park in Parsons.
PARSONS, KS.--- The 6th Annual Farm Heritage Celebration is underway at Tolen Creek Park in Parsons. From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., there were more than 600 children from at least six different counties that joined in the celebration. From hay rides to feeding chickens and shucking corn, hundreds of SEK students got to do it all.

"We got to shoot a bow and arrow and a B.B. gun. Got to milk a cow and look at old fashioned tractors," said Brooklyn Crumpacker, 3rd Grade Student. 

They listened to story tellers talk about the trials of living on the prairie. There was live western music, models of old cars, farm equipment and 20th century technology that made life easier during that time in history.

"Going to the nature walk. Seeing all the beavers and bobbers, touching the beavers skin and learning about trees and stuff," said Brayden Merrick, 4th Grade Student.

According to Director Kari West, many children grow up these days having never spent any time on a farm. She says the event was first started to educate children on the agriculture and life of pioneers in Kansas.

"I hope the kids will walk away with a better sense of that agriculture. It is very important to both Southeast Kansas and America. And maybe have a better understanding of how their food was produced and some of the equipment that was used in producing it," said Kari West, Director. 

Farm Heritage Day at Tolen Creek Park in Parsons will continue until 4 p.m. tomorrow and it's free and open to the public. Directors say they are glad to educate children on Kansas history.

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