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Owners Should Prepare Before Adopting a Pet

<p><font style="font-size: 13px;">Ben Leavens, DVM, at Main Street Pet Care says the initial checkup is important when you first adopt.</font></p>
JOPLIN - Veterinarians say that when adopting a dog or cat it's important to prepare. Owners should take a series of steps before bringing a pet home and up to weeks after.

Katie Baker owns two dogs. She says when she adopted her first dog, she didn't know all the work it would take.

"I had dogs growing up. I didn't realize all the costs and all the different visits and things you have to do when they're a puppy," she says.

Ben Leavens, DVM, checks animals at Main Street Pet Care. He says the initial checkup is important when you first adopt.

Dr. Leavens offers a list of what owners should prepare before bringing home a pet.

-Get pet supplies like dog gates, food, and collars.
-Think about getting your pet micro-chipped.
-Schedule your initial visit within 48 hours.
-Follow through with all the shots your pet needs.
-Eventually think about pet socialization classes.

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