Newton County Man Behind Bars For Stolen Property and Drugs

Newton County Man Behind Bars For Stolen Property and Drugs

Garret Falls of Wentworth was arrested Tuesday after authorities searched his home.
WENTWORTH, MO--- "There has been several thefts. Not only in Newton County but all the surrounding counties too here recently," says Ken Copeland, Newton County Sheriff.

Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland says with thefts on the rise, his office and surrounding agencies began working together to recover the stolen goods. 

"Some of my detectives that were working with detectives from Barry County, developed a possible suspect," says Sheriff Copeland. 

That suspect is Garret Falls, 41. Upon visiting Falls' home at 904 Main Street in Wentworth, investigators discovered several stolen items on the property.  

"Six flat bed trailers, a drag type race car that was in an enclosed trailer, a back hoe, two stolen trucks, three stolen motorcycles and probably 25 or so firearms," says Sheriff Copeland. 

Falls was immediately taken into custody and given a $200,000 bond, while deputies began tracking down the rightful owners of the merchandise. 

"Most of the items that were entered into the computer as stolen, we've already contacted those victims to come pick up the items or they will be returned," says Sheriff Copeland. 

The sheriff believes Falls didn't steal all of the items himself. 

"It appears this guy was fencing stolen property for area thieves, they were bringing the property to him and he was fencing the items," says Sheriff Copeland. 

Copeland says during the summertime, people living in rural areas should be extra careful where they leave their property. 

"If you have a riding lawn mower or a four wheeler or a trailer, if it's not secured properly, they are going to steel it," says Sheriff Copeland. 

Deputies also discovered meth and marijuana at the home in Wentworth. Sheriff Copeland has requested that the prosecutor charge Falls with receiving stolen property and possession of narcotics. 

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