New Year Car Sales

New Year Car Sales

End of the year car sales can be a huge gain for consumers and auto dealerships.
JOPLIN, MO.--- The new year means good deals on new vehicles and 2013 models. End of the year car sales can be a huge gain for consumers and auto dealerships.  

"A lot of that is due to the economy. People are starting to get their feet back underneath of them," said Jeremy Elick, Fletcher Auto Group Sales Manager. 

Jeremy Elick is a sales manager at Fletcher Auto Group in Joplin. He says the last week of December is the busiest time of year. One of the reasons- interest rates. 

"Pretty darn low, not the lowest they've ever been, but we're seeing them stay right around the lowest in history. So people are getting more car for the money without having to pay the interest to someone who has nothing to do with the car business," said Elick. 

He says the first week of January is also busy with buyers choosing to save on taxes.

"By waiting on the first or second of the year, you can actually not have to pay property taxes on the vehicle in the State of Missouri until the following year," said Elick. 

Elick tells us when deciding between new or used, it comes down to the buyers comfort level. 

"I see folks that come in a lot that do nothing but buy pre-owned vehicles. They live by, it they die by, their parents have done it that way, that's fine," said Elick.

Some people like the idea of a new vehicle. Right now buying an un-used car could save new owners extra money. 

"You get to buy it back on invoice sometimes, you get the low interest rate lower than most used cars. So you can get a little more for your money," said Elick. 

Car reps say regardless of the model year, Compact Sedans and Crossovers are becoming popular since most of them have good gas mileage. 
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