New Pittsburg Mediterranean Restaurant Opens

New Pittsburg Mediterranean Restaurant Opens

A new restaurant in Pittsburg blends American food with Mediterranean flavor and art.
PITTSBURG, KS.--- Philippe Accad is a international chef of Lebanese and Swiss heritage. He's brought his unique flavor to Pittsburg by opening Philippe's at 111 Pine Street.

"This is all my past. I really wanted to fuse my past with my present because I've been in the U.S. and I love American food," said Phillipe Accad, Chef. 

His burgers and salads are infused with North African, Middle Eastern and European flavors. Presidents Ford and Carter, along with Elvis, have enjoyed his culinary creations. Now, his priority is to serve and help the Pittsburg community.

"10% of our profit is going back into the community, to feed the poor, feed people," said Accad. 

Plus those who work there get 10% of shares, making them partners. But why Pittsburg?

"My wife is from Pittsburg, She's five generation Pittsburg," said Accad. 

"I'm excited! I can't believe it! I wake up and pinch myself sometimes," said Merri Teresa, Artist. 

Artist Merri Teresa is adding her touch to the business as well- making it an art gallery.

"I see a need for places where artist can showcase their work," said Teresa. 

The patio will host bands and art classes. The couple's goal is to help young culinary enthusiasts and artists become successful.

"We're not here to just fill our pockets, we're really here to help the community, grow with the community," said Accad. 

A fun fact about Chef Accad, Elvis Presley taught him how to make a peanut butter banana sandwich while Elvis was staying at the hotel where he worked in 1977. 
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