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New Details in Shooting in Joplin Theatre Parking Lot

Authorities are not sure what lead up to the shooting.
JOPLIN, MO---Police are still investigating what lead up to the shooting in the parking lot of the Regal Northstar 14 Theatre in Joplin.  Officers say a resident was involved in the apprehension of the suspect.  Duquesne officers were the first on scene.  Authorities confirmed the incident happened as one movie was letting out and before another began.

Joplin police responded to the theatre for a shots fired event.  A suspect is now in custody and the victim was taken to a local hospital in critical condition.  Officers call this a target event and say it was not random.  The names are not being released until authorities are able to contact the family members of those involved.  Officers say the incident happened outside the theatre in the parking lot.
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