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Nevada Housing Authority Women Bridge Generation Gap

The Nevada Housing Authority is giving local women a chance to reach out to students new the area.
NEVADA, MO.--- The Nevada Housing Authority is giving local women a chance to reach out to students new the area. The idea is to get the students out of the usual college environment and into the community. The program is part of an English class at Cottey College and serves as an introduction to a women's study course.
"Well, I think it's a good program for the older people and the Cottey girls," said Norma Meisenheimer, Housing Authority Resident.

The women's program allows young women to connect with a more experienced generation and learn from their wisdom. 

"Experientially learning is really important at Cottey, and so we try to get our students out into the community as much as possible," said Trisha Stubblefild, Ph.D. Cottey College English Professor. 

Trisha Stubblefield is an English professor at Cottey College. She reached out to the Housing Authority in Nevada. She says the course brings two different communities together in ways she can't teach in the classroom.

"We go out to eat and couple of them wanted to go out to my farm where I use to live, so we went out there and seen the cows," said Norma Jean Crain, Housing Authority Resident. 

The course also helps to bridge the gap between the older and younger generations.

"They've been through all these different decades and just lived through so much, and it's just cool to hear what they have to say," said Hailey Johnson, Cottey College Student. 

Stubblefield says the program doesn't just benefit college students. 

"We have such a diverse student body and so these women get to interact with our students and learn about their experiences and what it means to be a young woman today. So, I think they benefit from it too, getting to know our students," said Stubblefield. 

The women will meet throughout the semester. Cottey College believes in building strong women, and this is just another way they hope students walk in as girls and graduate as women.  

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