Nevada Housing Authority Resident Store

Nevada Housing Authority Resident Store

The Nevada Housing Authority is using a unique store to teach people how to budget their money.
NEVADA, MO.--- The Nevada Housing Authority is using a unique store to teach people how to budget their money. Residents have to earn "housing bucks" to make purchases. It's an incentive program called "The Resident Store" and it's a chance to expand cash flow, buy gifts for people, and purchase items to personalize their home. 

"I am a grandmother and I'm raising my grandson right now, so that helps out a bunch," said Dillie Routte, Nevada Housing Authority Resident. 

Dillie Routte is a resident at the Nevada Housing Authority. She shops at "The Resident Store" every three months.

"One time they'll have shoes and clothes, wrapping paper, just all kinds of different items, household items that you could use," said Routte. 

Housing Authority Executive Director Carol Branham says a lot people living in public housing have a limited cash flow, so the store gives residents a feeling of self empowerment. 

"A good example would be parents that possibly had a birthday party for their child, might be very difficult for them to go out and purchase everything outright," said Carol Branham, Nevada Housing Authority Executive Director. 

Residents like Routte earn their "housing bucks" for paying their rent on time, volunteering, or attending the Housing Authority educational classes. Branham says it really helps tenants develop another level of independence. 

"We're trying to open opportunities and capitalize on community resources," said Branham. 

Routte says with today's economy, the store provides a sense of security. 

"Then you wouldn't have to worry about having the cash to buy everything else that you need," said Routte. 

The store opened back in 2005. The items are donated from people and organizations in the community.
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