Neosho School District Provides Teachers with New Laptops

Neosho School District Provides Teachers with New Laptops

Neosho teachers will soon have a new learning tool in their classrooms.
NEOSHO, MO.---- "I just think it's a great opportunity for all of us," said Karen Daugherty, Neosho High School English Teacher and Dance Coach. 

Neosho High School Teacher Karen Daugherty is looking forward to receiving a school laptop next month.

"Having the availability to be able to work here at school and to take it home and work on things that we're doing there. So, just that convenience factor of being able to do both," said Daugherty. 

School board officials approved the purchase of roughly 350 laptops, one for each certified staff member in the district.

"We're not sure of the platform yet as far as whether it will be an Allure or a Dell, we're looking for the best price for the best machine," said Dan Decker, Neosho Superintendent. 

District leaders made sure they had the money in their budget to buy the devices, with a total price tag of $200,000.

"It's a big endeavor, but again, it's one of those things that we want to make sure that we do well so that we're getting the best bang for our buck," said Decker. 

The district's superintendent says it's all part of a plan to eventually buy Chromebooks for each of the 1,300 high school students next semester.

"Anything that any student in the United States has access to, we to do everything at the local school level to do that," said Decker. 

"I'm glad that our district has approved this and our school board has approved this," said Daugherty. 
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