Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch Program

The city of Joplin has seen an increase in the number of thefts out of vehicles and home break-ins.

"Several of the neighbors got robbed."
Max Basye lives in a rural part of Jasper County, north of Joplin. He started a neighborhood watch program 13 years ago.
"I just bought my son a 4-wheeler and they came in and stole it in the middle of the day while the kids were home and then they came back the next day and tried to steal another one," says Max Basye, Head of Neighborhood Watch Program.

After that, Basye met with his neighbors and they went through the steps of starting a Neighborhood Watch Program. Corporal Brian Henderson with the Joplin Police Department says to get started, you need to talk to your neighbors.
"If someone contacts us, we tell them to get with all of their neighbors cause say your neighbors don't want to help or participate, it won't be successful," says JPD Corporal Brian Henderson.

After getting neighbors interested, the next step is to have a meeting.
"We'll have police officers come in, sit down and talk with you and just share some information," says Henderson.

From there, the neighborhood would establish a calling tree and put someone in charge. The neighborhood would also decide when they would meet.
"What it comes down to is you have to have someone step up and be in charge then you have to have everyone else who is willing to say yes we'll participate and yes we'll watch over and communicate and keep those lines open," says Henderson.
"When stuff happens in our community, we know about it first hand from the officers. It gives us an opportunity to look and watch. You get to know if there is a strange car going down the road that's not supposed to be there. They tell us, anything out of the ordinary you just call us and we'll check it out," says Basye.

Basye says they have between 30 to 40 people attend their monthly meeting. He says they serve as an extra pair of eyes and ears to help law enforcement.

If you are interested in starting a program in Joplin, call Corporal Brian Henderson at 417-627-8880.

If you are interested in starting a program in Jasper County, call Chief Deputy Tim Wilson at 417-358-8177 ext. 1102.

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