MSSU Athletes and Coaches Help Children's Haven Move

MSSU Athletes and Coaches Help Children's Haven Move

More than 60 student-athletes volunteered to help move Children's Haven into a larger facility.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Missouri Southern State University student-athletes spent this holiday lending a helping hand. Baseball, volleyball and soccer players helped Children's Haven move into their house, which is actually located next door. So, instead of going to class this morning, the students took a lesson from Doctor Martin Luther King Junior and served others.

"We are moving stuff in from Children's Haven, from the old house to this brand new house, and it looks great," said David Reese, MSSU Baseball Senior. 

More than 60 MSSU athletes and coaches volunteered to move Children's Haven into their new house today.

"We literally have like a fire brigade from one building to the other moving everything in. Stephanie said it would have taken months to do this, and in a few hours we will have this done for them. So it's really rewarding," said Kelly Wilson, MSSU. 

The 14,000 square-foot house will now double the organization's amount of space as well as the number of children that will be housed. While 9:30 a.m. comes early for some college students, that's not the case for these athletes. 

"It's not that big of a deal. We have 6 a.m. weights everyday, so this is nothing," said Katie Politte, MSSU Volleyball Senior. 

All it took was a simple question to get these athletes to step up the plate.

"I asked! Isn't that awesome?! I sent an e-mail out to the coaches saying, 'hey we have a great project for Martin Luther King Day of Service. It's not a day off, but it's a day on.' All of a sudden, I was getting e-mails and calls saying we will be there," Wilson.

The athletes kept their word and were excited to take a break from the field to lend a helping hand. 

"I think any day to help out the community is a good thing for all athletes to do, and really for anybody to do. It puts a lot of meaning behind it," said Politte. 

The students hope their work today will inspire others to get out and help in their community. They say if athletes have the time to help then others should too.

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