Missouri Lawmakers Hear Education Concerns

Missouri Lawmakers Hear Education Concerns

Missouri lawmakers seek public opinions about statewide education issues.
CARTHAGE, MO.--- Local administrators and parents step up to the podium to voice concerns about statewide education policies.

"We're here just to listen and learn and to see what we can come away with to make our situation better in Carthage," said Blaine Henningsen, Carthage Schools Superintendent. 

There are two words Missouri lawmakers keep hearing, common core. Proponents of the issue say students from across the country can stay on the same page with curriculum.

"Some of the pros of the individuals that like common core is it's going to have a standard where all students in the country are going to be measured," said Representative Charlie Davis, Missouri District 162.

Those working to remove it from schools argue it places too many limits on how students can learn.

"Some of the cons are, it's actually dumbing down some of the tests. The math tests that are on there are not actually up to the same level that we're already testing our kids in math today, so there are some issues with that also," said Davis.

Concerned parents say the common core does not prepare students for success at the university level.

"Why should we not push our children? Every child should get the chance to have those AP classes and those dual credit classes, and we should push them. We need to push them to do their best, not just settle," said Melissa Braun, Parent. 

The listening tour began Monday, and the committee stopped in Saint Charles, Saint Louis, Cape Girardeau, Poplar Bluff and Branson. They will also visit northern Missouri, areas around Kansas City, and central Missouri at the end of October. Lawmakers say they plan to use all input to improve the education system.

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