Missouri Election Petitions

Missouri Election Petitions

Voters still have five weeks before they head to the polls next month, but some advocates are already working toward the November 2014 ballot.
CARTHAGE, MO---There are about seven general issues that could go on the ballot, if they make it through the initiative petition process. And since they want to make the statewide ballot, that means collecting signatures. It could be in Joplin or Carthage or any city throughout the state.

"I'm sure it will be thousands of signatures," says Doris Moorehouse with the Jasper County Election Office. 

The list of potential issues got a little longer today when the state approved circulating a petition to change the way Appellate and Supreme Court judges are chosen. It would require an election for the those seats, would reduce the term of office to eight years and increase the number of Supreme Court justices to nine. Another recent measure would create an education tax credit and repeal the ban on spending taxpayer money on private or parochial schools. For an initiative petition to succeed, supporters must collect enough signatures by May of next year. Then those must be verified, county by county.

"You have to check to see if they're a registered voter and if they signed the petition or if someone else signed for them," Moorehouse says. "Because you have to sign it, the person who's registered has to be the signee on it."

Other potential issues next year include a crackdown on payday loans, caps on campaign contributions and an increase to the minimum wage. Voters could even decide new guidelines for the use of eminent domain and restrictions on passengers on motorcycles.
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