Miami Police Department New Building Proposal

Miami Police Department New Building Proposal

The agency is now looking for a new home to ease the station's overcrowding.
MIAMI, OK.--- Lack of space becomes a big issue at the Miami Police Department. The agency is now looking for a new home to ease the station's overcrowding. The police chief has his eye on one particular property. It's a vacant building off Goodrich Boulevard, more than double the size of the current station located inside the Miami Civic Center. Police officer's say it's tough to carry out their responsibilities in such a small location.

"We are clearly out of room here," said Chief George Haralson, Miami Police Department. 

Not only for storage of important material, but there's not enough space to carry out essential responsibilities.

"The space to secure suspects, to be able to conduct interviews with crime victims and doing it without literally standing in the hallway," said Chief Haralson. 

The answer to the problem? Moving to a bigger building. Chief George Haralson is drafting proposals to acquire a building at 201 North Goodrich Boulevard.

"We have an architectural firm from Tulsa coming in to look at the facility and then meet with them and determine what our needs are as far as office space and reconfiguring the existing building," said Chief Haralson. 

So far, the building looks promising. The main reason being a 2,000 square foot basement, which could provide a bigger safer work space for dispatchers who answer 911 calls for 28 surrounding agencies. Currently, the dispatch center is 130 square feet and above ground.

"If Miami would have a tornado or any issue that would cause us to go down in this facility, we would be extremely hampered in our ability to answer phone calls and answer response calls for emergencies," said Chief Haralson. 

Right now, the biggest concern is whether the city can afford to make the move, only time will tell.

"We're in very preliminary discussions and we probably won't know for sure until this spring and possibly not until the next fiscal year, which starts July 1st," said Chief Haralson.

The city is also looking at moving to a vacant building located on Main Street. If the moves do in fact take place, the Civic Center will more than likely be bulldozed due to mold, asbestos and other issues with the 1950's building.

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