Miami Fern Holland Week

Miami Fern Holland Week

Miami's Community Crisis Center is paying tribute to Fern Holland's life this week.
MIAMI, OK.--- "We want to have Ferns dreams come true here in Miami," said Deedee Cox, Community Crisis Center Director. 

Fern Holland is described as a hero. Miami's Community Crisis Center is paying tribute to Holland's life this week. The Miami native fought for women's rights on U.S. soil and across the world in Africa.   

"Women there had no rights, were raped, were beaten, just terribly mistreated and had no legal rights," said Cox. 

When she returned, the federal government hired her to work in Iraq.

"They commissioned her to a committee that was working on the constitution for Iraq. By now, it was 2003 and the war in Iraq had started," said Cox. 

Holland's goal was getting 25 women on Iraq's legislature. That's when things took a devastating turn.

"She was assassinated in March of 2004," said Cox. 

Her dream did come true- her constitution proposal was adopted. 

"We want the people of Miami to know that people from Miami do great things," said Cox.

The Crisis Center has dozens of pictures and artifacts on display, a 5k memorial run is scheduled for Saturday morning followed by a special ceremony at the center and a special commemoration is in the works.

"We're trying to get a petition started to rename A Street to Fern Holland Boulevard," said Cox. 

They're hoping to make that happen next year- the 10 year anniversary of Holland's death.

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