Miami Facebook Extortion Scheme

Miami Facebook Extortion Scheme

Miami detectives are warning you of a Facebook extortion scheme targeting young girls.

MIAMI, OK --- We're in the age of social media, and Facebook is the way many of us communicate with friends and even strangers. It's those strangers that authorities want you and especially children to be wary of.

"There are people out there exploiting our children," says Miami Police Department Detective Chris Leamon.

Leamon is investigating three exploitation cases stemming from Facebook.

"None of the victims are related, none of the suspects are related, so I've seen a dramatic increase," says Leamon.

He also says various middle school aged girls in the Miami area have received sexual pictures through private messages from guys they don't know.

"I don't believe any of the profiles are of actual juveniles. I believe they're all adults," explains Leamon.

The men are asking the young girls to return the favor...Or else.

"Post something negative of them on Facebook or 'I'll do this, I'll do that'," says Leamon.

Some are falling victims, so authorities want parents to speak with their children about this scheme.

"It's a parental responsibility to know what you're child is doing on the computer," says Leamon.

If your child receives a inappropriate picture on Facebook, immediately call the Police Department.

"Don't delete it, keep it, the more evidence we have the better we'll be at back tracking and investigate," says Leamon.

Detective Leamon has subpeanoed subscriber information from Facebook to find out who is sending the pictures, but he says it's a slow process

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