Last Tornado Dog at Joplin Humane Society

Last Tornado Dog at Joplin Humane Society

One dog has still not been adopted after the May 22nd Tornado. <br><br>Dixie May is being transported to a foster home in in Chicago so she can hopefully be adopted.
Hundreds of lost animals were able to find new homes after the tornado, but there is one dog that hasn't had that much luck.

"Dixie May" is a chocolate lab mix.

She was lost after the tornado and her owners never came back to claim her at the Joplin Humane Society.

Last June she was adopted by a family, but the new owners were unable to keep her.

She is now the last dog left from the storm.

Shelter managers say she has been through a lot and needs a good home.

Unfortunately you won't have a chance to adopt Dixie May. She's being sent to Chicago on Tuesday to a foster home.

Managers hope a new owner will adopt her there.
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